Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Products

What Kind Of Medications Do You Sell?

We sell prescription controlled medications. The customer is not compelled to have a prescription for the products they are purchasing.

Do You Sale Branded Or Generic Drugs?

We sell both Branded and Generic drugs.

What About The Quality Of Generic Drugs Sold By You?

We sell the best available generic drugs to our customers. Generic drugs have the same chemicals and salt as Branded drugs but they are manufactured by other manufacturers.

Questions About Payment & Shipping

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept Credit Cards and PayPal as these are the most safe & secure payment methods and that (safety) is our promise. We also accept other payment methods like bank transfers, Western Union and similar payment methods and Bitcoins

Payment and discounts

What Is The Shipping Time Frame?

ETA is 12 working days. You are supposed to keep calm during these days. Delivery could take more or less time.

Shipping Information

Do You Offer US 2 US Domestic Shipping?

Yes, we do offer US 2 US domestic 3-day shipping. You can select this shipping at the product page (if available).

Do you offer reshipment/replacement? 

Yes, we offer reshipment if the product is not being delivered due to any problem. Also, we give replacement if there is any problem with the product quality.

Do you offer money back guarantee

Yes, we offer a full refund if the product is not being delivered due to any problem or if the customer is not satisfied with the product quality.

Returns & Refunds

Other FAQs

Is It Safe To Buy Medications Online?

Before buying medications have not been safer and easier, our services offer great safety from order placement to successful delivery of products, we are also offering refunds and reshipping in case of delivery failure.

Do You Offer Any Discounts To Returning Customers?

Yes, we do offer good discounts to our returning and regular customers, they are provided with coupon codes and gift vouchers which they can use at the checkout process. Also, there are discounts on payment methods like a 10% discount on Western Union and similar payment method and a 20% discount on bitcoin payment method.

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