Brand Ritalin (Methylphenidate 10mg)


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Buy Ritalin 10mg Online Novartis Brand / Buy Methylphenidate 10mg Online

  • Title: Buy Ritalin 10mg Online
  • Brand Name: Ritalin
  • Strength: 10mg
  • Manufacturer: Novartis
  • Packing: Blisters
  • Form: Pills / Tablets
  • Status: FDA Approved

Ritalin 10mg is a well-known medication manufactured by Novartis. It is used to treat attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It contains methylphenidate 10mg as its active ingredient which is a central nervous system stimulant that contributes to hyperactivity and impulse control. You can buy Ritalin 10mg online without prescription from Pills Point.

Methylphenidate is reported to have many side effects on special cases. People having glaucoma, severe anxiety, heart disease, high blood pressure, tension should not use the drug unless properly checked up by a doctor. It may harm an unborn baby.

This drug should be taken exactly as prescribed by the doctor. Should not be shared with anybody as it is against the law. Place the product in a safe place where others cannot access it.