Shipping Information

Stealth & Discreet Shipping method

Orders are being shipped within 72 hours of payment confirmation. We ship from overseas and from within the US and UK.

Delivery is our responsibility and we reship the products in case of any problem in delivery.

Shipping from within the US & UK (Domestic Shipping)

We ship from within the US & UK at additional cost. Customer can choose domestic shipping while placing order or upgrade it later.

Delivery time for different shipping methods

Delivery time from within the US & UK shipping

Domestic shipping in the US and UK is 3-day delivery service.

Delivery time for international shipping

Delivery time for international shipping is 10-15 days. Remember we use stealth shipping method to make sure discreet delivery. We also offer a money-back guarantee in case if any problems.

Our Payment & Shipping mechanism is quite simple but very effective in productivity. A detailed explanation of our procedure is quite large, for the sake of ease of reading and simplicity, we explain a few main points of our mechanism.

After payment confirmation, the ordered products are collected from our warehouse, they are then packed into a discreet box (to avoid damages due to heat or cooling factors).


The packed product is moved to our shipping team. They reviews the order and gives a unique tracking code to each order. Then it is shipped to the provided shipping address. Delivery time is 10-15 days.

After shipping customer is  contacted by our support team and they provide with the tracking information. Shipping will be track able with the tracking number.

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